AVSI Foundation Uganda

AVSI Foundation is duly registered in Uganda under the Non – Government Organisations Statute (1989). With headquarters on plot number 1119, Ggaba Road, Kampala, AVSI has been active in Uganda since 1984, maintaining a constant presence in the northern region even during periods of high insecurity. This history and relationship with local communities has allowed AVSI to establish well-equipped and versatile field offices in Gulu, Pader and Kitgum with experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of the area, the population and the local leadership. Today, AVSI employs 172 staff based at the head offices and the two field offices. AVSI has an annual budget of circa $9 million for a wide range of programmes across the country. Donors include the USAID, European Union, ICC, UNICEF, Alliance, FAO and private donations from Belgium, Canada and Italy.

Contact Kampala-Uganda Nsambya, Ggaba Road – Plot 1119 P.O. Box 6785 – Kampala Tel.: +256 312 501 604/05 Fax: +256 312 501 606

In focus

AVSI Annual Meeting 2016: Living an epochal change. The person’s good, the common good. AVSI ANNUAL MEETING 2016: Living an epochal change. The person’s good, the common good. 7th – 11th November 2016 – Luigi Giussani Institute of Higher Education, Kampala. AAM 2016_report




TOGETHER FOR CHILDREN WITH SPINA BIFIDA AND HYDROCEPHALUS 22.11.2016 During the 2016 world Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SBH) day celebrated in Kampala under the theme “Early Intervention, Better Results”, AVSI Foundation partnered with Cure Children’s Hospital to celebrate the day together with children affected by SBH. AVSI Foundation believes that every human person deserves dignity and that every child should live a healthy life. [...]

AVSI Foundation unveils the SwissLeg technology in Uganda 07.10.2016 SwissLimb and SwissLeg visited Uganda to transfer a new orthopaedic technology. Their visit was organized and hosted by AVSI Foundation, an international NGO operating in Uganda since 1984. In September 2016, the SwissLeg and SwissLimb teams visited the Gulu Regional Orthopaedic Workshop (GROW) in Gulu District and trained six technicians to become Certified Prosthetic Orthotists [...]

SCHOOL FARM CAMP 2016 @Gayaza High School, Kampala 2nd -6th September 2016 16.09.2016 Gayaza High School organized the 3rd annual school farm camp under the theme “Skilling youths in sustainable agribusiness for self-reliance” in partnership with AVSI Foundation through the Skilling Youth for Employment in Agribusiness (SKY) project funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.School Farm Camp 2016_Report

24th Source of the Nile National Agricultural and Trade Show, Jinja Show Ground,Jinja District 11 -17 July 2016 08.08.2016 The trade show provided an opportunity for networking and motivated farmers especially the youth who need to interact with new technologies and practices in the agricultural market. Jimmy Oweka, Agriculture Specialist, AVSI Foundation.Jinja-Trade Show, July 2016